Spring 2020 - Daylily List (A to H)
Newcomers entered as received and photographed in July/August

This listing represents roughly 330 AHS registered daylilies in my Northern zone 4 garden. Included are frilly edges, bold and/or subtle eyezones, doubles, miniatures, and UFs (unusual forms). Texture, healthy robust foliage, clean colors and an overall well-proportioned plant, are all noticable attributes. My personal favorite quality along with a pretty face, is good branching, strong scapes and a generous budcount, resulting in an overall impressive garden plant that celebrates a long flowering season. Thanks for visiting and wishing you all a wonderful bloom season.
Harmony Road
(black= my photos of previous summers)  (red=photos 2011)  (navy=photos 2012)  (green=photos 2013)
(violet=2014)  (pink=2015)  (teal=2016)  (blue=2017)  (brown=2018)  (purple=2019)
A-Hcamera AdamasAda May MusickAin't Misbehavin'Alpine JunctionAnnie Mae TaylorArctic SnowArmed For BattleArmenian HaberdasheryArtful UnionAtlanta Orchid MistAudacity BoundAugust MornAunt Yoo HooBali WatercolorBarbara WhiteBattisteBeautiful EdgingsBelle Of AshwoodBetty DevereauxBig Bang TheoryBird's Eye ViewBlueberry BreakfastBlue RansomBombay SilkBonibrae Velvet ShamrockBordello QueenBorder SentryBorderline CrazyBrighton WayBristol CreamBrand New LoverBridgeton CelebrityBrooklynBunniekinsBurgundy ShadowButtercup DaysCamden Gold DollarCandy BanditCardinal ExplosionCarol Jean PardoeChampagne TasteCharles JohnstonCharlie Pierce MemorialCherry CandyCherry FringeCherry LaneChez SophieChicago RubyCistyClara BradshawCollective ImmortalityCome Go With MeControl YourselfCorryton PinkCreative EdgeCrintonic ShadowlandsCyber ZoneCynthia Louise ValenteDallas StarDandy DoolittleDangling ParticipleDavid MussarDavid WhiteDecatur Cherry SmashDenver ScottDiamond ExecutiveDiane CrawfordDifferent By DesignDiviner RulesDivinityDon't Kiss My SisDracoDragon FestivalDragon MasterDrop Dead RedDrop ShadowDublin ElaineEccentricityEd BrownEdgy AffairEdna CrumbackEl DesperadoElectric CircusElizabeth WhiteElma JaneEmpire LadyEnchanted PrincessEtoile De L'EstrieExaggeratorExplosive ForceEye PadEyepodFashion SenseFlamingo CarouselFlintshireFlorendaFooled MeForestlake RagamuffinFrozen JadeGenuine LadyGirlish LaughterGive Me A SmoochGlass Bead GameGlimmerglassGolden CompassGuava JellyGypsy RoseHappenstanceHarmony RoadHarvest HouseHeaven Can WaitHeavenly BeginningsHeavenly ExplosionHello AdeleHemanHer Majesty's Wizard
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* = tetraploid,   (Db)= double,  (S)= spider,  (SV)= spider variant,
 (Ext)= extended bloom, check= A.H.S. Award and/or Honor Rec'd,  Foliage-Dor/Sev/Evr=Dormant/SemiEvergreen/Evergreen
SSM (Stout Silver Medal) is the highest award presented annually by AHS,
named in honor of the "Father of the modern Daylily" Dr. Alow Burdette Stout
  Adamas Ev * Stamile 2002 Orchid with plum violet eye & edge. Green throat. 23x6
  Ada May Musick Sev * Lambertson 2003 Light pink lavender with cream edge and a pale blue eye above green throat. 34x6.75
  Ain't Misbehavin' Dor * Schwarz 2000 Rose bitone, ruffled edge, grn thr. 32x5
  Alice Harman Sev * Culver, B. 2016 A ruffled clear mauve-pink flower with a bright green throat. 36x6
  Alpine Junction Sev * Culver,B. 2015 Cream-white with a ruffled gold edge above a green throat. 26x5.5
  Annie Mae Taylor Sev * Culver,B. 2012 Narrow formed lavender mauve self with bright green throat. 36x6
  Antique Mauve Lace Sev * Culver, B. 2019 Ruffled mauve with a plum eye and a double edge of plum and gold above a green throat. 32x6.5
award Arctic Snow Dor *
Stamile 1985 Ivory self. 23x5.5
  Armenian Haberdashery Sev * Hanson,C. 1996 Mauve-violet blend w/watermark. 25x6
  Artful Union Sev * Culver, B. 2017 Rose-pink with watermark above bright green throat. 34x6
  Atlanta Orchid Mist Dor * Petree 1985 Orchid w/cream eye. 24x6
  Armed For Battle Dor * Emmerich 2013 Medium magenta-grape, gray lavender eye, gray lavender plus ivory edge, yellow to green thr. 38x6
  Audacity Bound Dor * Stamile 1987 Golden yellow self with a gold throat. 30x8
  August Morn Evr * Carpenter,J.'95 Yellow w/cinnamon halo. 26x6
  Aunt Yoo Hoo Dor UF Kincaid, C. 2009 Cascade Pink polychrome above green throat. 36x10
  Awesome Again Sev * Culver, B. 2019 Ruffled cream-white with a purple eye and edge above a green throat. 28x5
award Bali Watercolor Ev *
Stamile 2002 Lavender with silvery watermark above green throat. 35x9
award Barbara White Sev * Culver,B. 2007 Ruffled clear pink self above large green throat. 30x7
  Bark At Me Sev UF Roberts, N. 1999 Crispate. Reddish purple with purple eyezone above yellow throat. 36x7.5
award Bart Roberts Sev * Stamile 2008 Orchid rose with ruby red eye, green throat. 27x6.5
  Battiste Sev * Culver, B. 2008 Cream white with ruffled gold edge and green throat. 28x6
award Beautiful Edgings Sev   Copenhaver 1989 Cream w/rose edge. 30x7
award Belle Of Ashwood Dor * Norris, R. 2005 Pink with gold bubbled edge above deep green throat. 28x5.5
  Betty Devereaux Sev * Culver, B. 2009 Rose pink w/lighter watermark and green throat. 32x6
  Big Bang Theory Sev * Rice 2007 Peach w/violet eye and edge above a green throat. 28x7
  Bird's Eye View Sev * Culver, B. 2017 Cream with dark purple eye and edge. 32x5.5
award Blueberry Breakfast Dor   Rose 1988 Lavender w/purple eye. 22x5
  Blue Ransom Sev * Culver, B. 2016 Bluish-mauve blend with a darker eye and edge above a green throat. 37x5
award Bombay Silk Dor * Moldovan 2000 Rose-red blend w/white edge. 30x6
  Bonibrae Velvet Shamrock Dor * Matthie 2013 Dark round black-red with a bright green edge. 30x6
award Bordello Queen Dor * Mason, M. 1999 Peach w/pink eye & gold edge. 27x6
  Borderline Crazy Dor * Mason, M. 2004 Cranberry rose w/gold and white edging. 22x6
  Border Sentry Dor * Whatley 1995 Yellow w/rose bicolor & band. 27x5.5
award Brand New Lover Sev * Brooks, B. 1987 Coral & Rose bitone w/rouged narrow rose halo 28x5
  Breaking Lucky Dor * Culver, B. 2018 Ruffled yellow-gold flower with a bright red eye and edge. 34x5.5
award Bridgeton Celebrity Dor * Apps 1999 Light Apricot w/burgundy eye. 25x4.25
  Brighton Way Sev * Culver, B. 2009 Ruffled bright lemon yellow above green throat. 38x6
  Bristol Cream Dor * Culver, B. 2008 Cream white with ruffled edge above green throat. 38x6
  Brooklyn Sev * Culver, B. 2017 Clear pink with large watermark and bright green throat. 32x6
  Bunniekins Dor * Culver, B. 2018 Ruffled peach-melon flower with a small intense green throat. 34x5
  Burgundy Shadow Dor * Stackman, W. 2000 Burgundy w/smokey cast. 48x5.5
  Buttercup Days Dor * Mason, M. 1998 Buttercup yellow with a green throat. 25x6
award Camden Gold Dollar Sev   Yancey 1982 Yellow self. 19x3
  Candy Bandit Sev * Culver, B. 2014 Cream-white with a bright red eye and edge, highlighted with green throat. 42x5
  Carabana Dor * Culver, B. 2015 Very ruffled yellow with a red eye and edge above a green throat. 33x5.5
  Cardinal Explosion Sev * Culver,B. 2007 Orange w/bright ex ploding red eye, yellow to green throat. 30x5.5
  Carol Jean Pardoe Dor * Culver,B. 2013 Ruffled orange-red with a bright red chevron type eye and red edge above a yellow to green throat. 36x6
  Cavorting Sev * Culver,B. 2016 A lavender-peach blend flower with a large patterned purple eye. 38x5
  Champagne Taste Dor   Sellers 1991 Cream self, grn throat. 28x7
award Charles Johnston Sev * Gates 1981 Red self. 24x6
award Charlie Pierce Memorial Sev Ext Pierce 1987 Lavender w/purple eye. 24x6
award Cherry Candy Dor *
Stamile 1989 Peach w/red eye. 30x4.25
  Cherry Fringe Sev * Culver,B. 2012 Heavily ruffled cream-white with red eye and strong red edge. 46x5.5
  Cherry Lane Sev * Culver,B.2006 Mauve w/purple eye, ruffled purple/cream edge. 32x5
  Chez Sophie Sev * Mason, M. 2007 Bright pink w/heavy gold edge & watermark. 28x5
award Chicago Ruby Sev * Marsh 1977 Velvety rich red beauty. 27x6
award Cisty Dor   Joiner 1982 Pink self. 28x5.5
  Clara Bradshaw Dor * Culver,B. 2012 Polychrome blend of primarily melon with a lot of pink. Heavy gold edge. 36x5.5
  Collective Immortality Sev * Hanson,C. 1999 Cream w/gold edge and grn throat 35x5
  Come Go With Me Sev * Brooks, BB. 2009 Large flared Lavender self with a huge green throat. 34x6.5
  Control Yourself Dor * Brooks, BB. 2015 Large deep red blousy self with yellow to green throat. 41x6.5
  Corryton Pink Dor *
Kirby-Oakes 1981 Large showy pink. 32x6.5
award Creative Edge Sev * Stamile 1993 Lavender w/purple edge. 23x6
  Crintonic Shadowlands Sev * Hanson,C. 1995 Orchid rose w/bluish halo. 34x5.5
  Cyber Zone Sev * Hansen, D. 2004 Lavender w/violet pattern. 26x5.5
  Cynthia Louise Valente Dor * Valente-Kroemer-Wuersch 2006 Rasperry with a halo and ruffled cream edge. Yellow to green throat. 23x6
award Dallas Star Sev   Ferris 1976 Lavender pink self. 28x6.5
  Dandy Doolittle Dor * Mason, M. 2008 Round cool pink w/small grn throat. 26x5
  Dangling Participle Sev *
Mason, M. 2007 Fuchsia rose w/light watermark,UF. 28x8
  David Mussar Sev * Culver, B. 2017 Lavender-mauve with watermark and bright green throat. 32x5.5
  David White Dor * Culver, B. 2014 Lavender-mauve with a clear bright purple eye with veining in the throat of the flower. 38x6
award Decatur Cherry Smash Dor *
Davidson 1981 Pink w/red eye. 26x4
  Defiant One Dor * Culver, B. 2019 Ruffled clear lavender with a white watermark above a green throat. 40x5.5
  Denver Scott Dor *
Pickles L. 2000 Pale pink w/burgundy eye, green throat. 28x6
  Diamond Executive Sev * Culver,B. 2007 Diamond dusted cream pink blend w/gold edge, grn throat. 34x5.5
  Diane Crawford Sev * Culver,B. 2007 Ruffled watermelon pink above vivid green throat. 36x5.5
  Different By Design Dor * Carpenter, J. 2009 Red orange with red eye above green throat. 21x5.5
  Diviner Rules Sev * Culver, B. 2014 Purple-mauve blend with a large appliqué throat above a green throat. 37x5.5
  Divinity Dor * Culver, B. 2018 Cream-white flower adorned with a ruffled edge and a bright green throat. 34x6
  Don't Kiss My Sis Sev UF Brooks BB 2012 Unusual form. Quilled sepals. Pink with darker pink eye. 33x5.5
  Draco Dor * Culver, B. 2008 Cream yellow with large black-red eyezone above green throat. 34x6.5
  Dragon Festival Sev * Culver, B. 2013 Orange-gold blend with a bold wine-black eye and edge above a green throat. 32x5.5
  Dragon Master Dor * Culver, B. 2014 Ruffled yellow-gold with a large bright cardinal red eye and edge. 32x4.5
  Dreamfair Sev * Culver, B. 2019 A ruffled pink with a gold edge and green throat. 32x5.5
award Drop Dead Red Dor * Brooks 1993 Deep red self. 26x4.5
  Drop Shadow Dor   Polston, J. 2011 Cream white with deep purple eye and edge. Very green throat. 34x5.5
award Dublin Elaine Dor Dbl Joiner 1987 Pink self. 32x5.5
  Eccentricity Dor * Peat 2003 Pink with dark red eye and edge, green throat. 22x5.5
Ed Brown Sev * Salter 1994 Pink w/gold edge. 28x5.5
  Edgy Affair Sev * Culver,B. 2006 Ruffled Cream w/rose red eye, rose & gold edge. 26x5
  Edna Crumback Dor * Culver,B. 2013 Ruffled clear red with watermark and bright green throat. 32x5
award El Desperado Dor * Stamile 1991 Mustard yellow w/purple eyezone. 28x5
  Electric Circus Sev * Culver, B. 2008 Bright lemon yellow with rose-red eye and green throat. 28x5
  Elizabeth White Ev * Culver, B. 2011 Bright rose-pink w/lighter watermark above green throat. 31x7
  Elma Jane Sev   Ellison 2000 Peach w/ruffles. 22x5
  Empire Lady Sev * Culver, B. 2010 Ruffled lavender mauve w/yellow to green throat. 30x5.5
  Enchanted Princess Dor * Culver, B. 2014 Purple self with a ruffled white edge and a lighter chalky white eye above a green throat. 40x5.5
  English Garden Dor * Culver, B. 2015 Apricot-orange blend with a red halo and very ruffled orange-gold edge. 40x6
Entwined In The Vine Ev * Emmerich 2007 Lavender pink with patterned violet eye, ivory gold edge above yellow to green throat. 32x8
  Etoile De L'Estrie Dor * Lavigne,P.2007 Fragrant, pale apricot with fuchsia eye & lightly frilled fuchsia edge, pale green throat. 24x4.5
  Exaggerator Dor * Culver, B. 2017 Heavily ruffled yellow-gold with big red eye and edge. 31x5.5
  Explosive Force Sev * Culver, B. 2008 Yellow with large maroon red eye above green throat. 34x6
  Eye Of The Beholder Ev * Douglas, C. 2004 Soft yellow with maroon eye and edge above yellow to green throat. 23x5
  Eye Pad Sev * Culver, B. 2010 Ruffled peach pink. Wine-purple eye and edge. 40x4
  Eyepod Sev * Culver, B. 2009 Cream with purple eye and ruffled edge. 42x4
  Fashion Sense Sev * Mason, M. 2003 Ruffled deep rose pink w/gold wire edge. 26x6.5
  Flamingo Carousel Sev * Culver,B. 2012 Orange-coral blend with bright red eye and ruffled red edge. 34x5
  Flintshire Sev * Culver, B. 2018 A yellow flower with a maroon clover leaf halo above a large appliqué throat. Maroon edge. 34x5
  Florenda Sev * Culver,B. 2015 Ivory-white with a bold black-purple eye and edge. 38x4.5
Fooled Me Dor *
Reilly+ 1990 Yellow w/red eye. 24x5.5
award Forestlake Ragamuffin Dor * Harding, F. 1993 Pink self with gold ruffle and green throat. 28x5.5
  Fruitful Discovery Sev * Norris, R. 2016 Rich red purple with yellow green throat and white teeth. 39x6
  Frosted Sev * Culver, B. 2017 Ruffled cream-pink blend with vivid green throat. 27x5.5
award Frozen Jade Dor * Sellers 1975 Fragrant lemon self. 28x5.5
  Genuine Lady Dor * Culver, B. 2009 Ruffled clear pink with small watermark and yellow to green throat 35x5
  Girlish Laughter Dor * Moldovan 2003 Rose pink w/bright rose eye, grn to cream yellow throat. 30x5
  Give Me A Smooch Sev UF Brooks, BB. 2009 Exotic curly UF with feathered rose eyelash eyezone. 34x7
  Glass Bead Game Sev * Hanson,C. 2004 Lavender purple blend w/rose watermark, green throat. 31x5
  Glimmerglass Sev * Mason, M. 2002 Lavender w/deeper orchid eye. 26x5
  Glowing Pumpkin Dor * Culver, B. 2017 Bright clear orange with watermark. 34x5.5
  Golden Compass Evr * Salter 1996 Yellow w/purple eye. 26x6
  Guava Jelly Sev * Mason M. 2000 Peach Rose blend w/lemon throat. 25x6
  Gypsy Rose Dor * Mason M. 2005 Rose-pink w/metallic silver/gold edge. 27x5.25
  Happenstance Sev * Judge, P. 2007 Mauve ruffled w/striking yellow appliqued throat. 29x4.5
  Harmony Road Sev *
Culver, B. 2013 Lavender purple with watermark and large green throat. 34x8
  Harvest House Dor * Culver, B. 2009 Bright orange with lighter watermark and green throat. 36x5
award Heaven Can Wait Sev Ext Hansen 1990 Peach pink w/darker edges.Green throat. 23x5
award Heavenly Beginnings Dor * Gossard, J. 2001 Red yellow blend w/yellow gold edge. 40x8
  Heavenly Explosion Dor * Gossard, Ryan 2006 Light yellow with large purple eye above green throat. 32x5.75
  Hello Adele Sev * Culver, B. 2016 A baby-ribbon pink with a slight rose halo. Ruffled darker rose-pink edge, green throat. 28x6
  Heman Dor *
Gossard 2007 Orange red blended bitone w/large gold yellow tooth edge, green throat. 35x9
award Her Majesty's Wizard Sev * Salter, E.H. 1996 Purple w/gold edge. 24x4.5

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