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spacerFor those daylily enthusiasts who are not yet members, please consider joining and becoming part of the family. An A.H.S. Membership can be had for as little as $25. per year, which includes a beautiful quarterly 8 1/2" x 11" magazine, "The Daylily Journal", filled with resources, interesting articles and coloured photos. Enjoy keeping abreast of the latest hybrids and learn about the gardeners who are creating them. You will also receive in the mail a free AHS Regional Newsletter letting you know of daylily happenings in your specific area.
sample photo of 2 AHS Journals
AHS Journals, Fall 2017 & Winter 2017
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spacerMembership also gives you free access to an online Daylily Email Round Robin. This List is headed by Tim Fehr (who is also responsible for the Official A.H.S. webpage) and presently consists of 1500 plus members. Currently onboard are many of the top hybridizers and nurserymen in the country, along with backyard daylily enthusiasts and pollen dabbers from around the world. spacerIf you are not familiar with the workings of a List, the way it works is this. After you sign up with Tim, you are supplied with an email address. When you write an email to the List address, it is automatically distributed to the entire membership. You will be amazed at the depth of information generated and quickly discover that there are no greater folks around than daylily addicts. Many are just itching to answer your queries and share their expertise. Some members enjoy trading daylilies. This learning platform is flexible and free to A.H.S. members. You will receive instructions on how to turn your incoming List mail on and off if need be.
NEW 2011
A brand new AHS Members Portal surfaced in March 2011. It's a fabulous informative webpage including many different categories of online forums. A haven for anyone interested in landscaping, hybridizing, photographing or just about anything Daylily related. There's even a store selling T-shirts and other fun daylily items. A link to the new AHS Members Portal is on the Official AHS Webpage. When you become an AHS member you will be given immediate access to explore and join our members-only daylily community.
NEW 2011

spacerWhen you join A.H.S., you will receive information about the clubs nearest you. If you would like to know how the country is divided and which Region you would belong to now, a map is supplied on the A.H.S. site.

spacerListed below are A.H.S. Regional Club website links. Not all Clubs have websites; if your area is not listed please check the Official AHS Website for full list of available Clubs, and Club officers to contact.

spacerNewsletters on this page are a PDF conversion of the original paper counterpart sent to members/subscribers. To download Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader click Adobe.com. Many of the AHS Club Newsletters are gems and have expanded to magazine style publications with lots of colored photos. Very informative and great reading!
AHS Membership Information
Jonathan Poulton
"The Daylily Pioneer"
Susan H. Holland
Cedar Valley Iris & Daylily Society, IA "CVIDS Newsletter" Nancy Carlisle
Central Iowa Daylily Society    
Daylily Society of Minnesota "DMS Daylily News" Edie Godfrey
Nebraska Daylily Society, NE    
Blog entry Region One Northern Daylily Blogspot    
A.H.S. REGION 2updated11/09/17
 (WI, MI, IL, IN & OH)
Mike Holmes
"Great Lakes Daylily" updated11/09/17
Winnie Garabis
Blog entry AHS Region Two President's Blog    
Black Swamp Hosta & Daylily Society, Ohionew11/08/17    
Central Illinois Daylily Society    
Central Michigan Daylily Society    
Chicagoland Daylily Society    
Daylily Society Of Southeast Wisconsin "Fanfare!" Robin Silva
Grand Valley Daylily Society, Michigan "The GVDS Gazette" Connie Hall
Greater Cincinnati Daylily/Hosta Society,Ohio    
Hoosier Daylily Society, Indiana    
Indiana Daylily-Iris Society, Indiana    
Metropolitan Columbus Daylily Society, Ohio "MCDS Newsletter" Karen Ciula
Ohio Daylily Society    
Southern Michigan Daylily Societyupdated2/12/18 "Bud, Branch, & Scape" updated2/12/18 Teresa Dillon
Southwestern Indiana Daylily Society    
The Bay Area Daylily Buds, WI    
The Wisconsin Daylily Societyupdated12/27/17 "WDS Newsletter"updated12/27/15 Rhonda Veroeven
Western Reserve Daylily Society, Ohio    
 (DE, DC, MD, NJ, PA, VA & WV)
Tim Fehr
AHS Region 3 Homepage (Events, Clubs and Gardens)updated9/01/17    
Blue Ridge Area Daylily Society, VA.    
Charlottesville Daylily Club, VA.    
Delaware Valley Daylily Society, PA.    
Free State Daylily Society, Maryland    
Northern Virginia Daylily Society    
Richmond Area Daylily Society, VA "RADS Newsletter" Pam George
Southern Viginia Daylily Club    
Tidewater Daylily Society, VA.    
A.H.S. Region 4updated1/13/18
(CT, ME, MA, NB, NF, NH, NY, NS, ON, PE, QC, RI & VT)
Kelly Noel
"Daylilies Great Northeast" updated1/13/18 Adele Keohan
AAHQ, QC    
Buffalo Area Daylily Society, NY "The BADS News" Dick Derr
Connecticut Daylily Society    
Finger Lakes Daylily Society, N.Y.    
Hudson Adirondack Daylily Society, N.Y.    
Long Island Daylily Society, N.Y. "LIDS Newsletter" John Stahl
New England Daylily Society, MA. "NEDS Newsletter" Elisabeth Murphy
Nova Scotia Daylily Society, N.S.    
Ontario Daylily Society, Canada "ODS & Ends" Howard Hansford
Patriot Daylily Society, Mass.    
Claude Carpenter
"Georgia Daylily" Sue Calbreath
Cobb County Daylily Society, GA. "CCDS Newsletter" Rita Buehner
Daylily Society Of Greater Atlanta, GA    
North Georgia Daylily Society, GA    
Northwest Georgia Daylily Society, GA    
 (New Mexico & Texas)
Ray Houston
"Daylilies of the Southwest" Larry & Debbie Pike
Albuquerque Daylily Society, N.M.    
Austin Daylily Society, TX    
Daylily Growers Of Dallas, TX    
Houston Hemerocallis Society, TX. updated1/03/18    
Johnson County Iris & Daylily Society, TX "Society News" Peggy Cathey
Lone Star Daylily Society, TX.    
North Texas Daylily Society, TX "The Garden Gate" Susan Austin
San Antonio Daylily Society, TX    
 (AZ, CA, HI, NV)
Tim Fehr    
Southern Calif. Hemerocallis & Amaryllis Society, L.A., CA.    
 (AK, BC, NWT, OR, WA & YT)
Tim Fehr
Aldergrove Daylily Society, BC    
Columbia River Daylily Club, WA    
A.H.S. Region 9
 (AB, CO, ID, MT, SK, UT & WY)
Tim Fehr
 (Kentucky & Tennessee)
Tim Fehr
Blog entryAHS Region 10 News Blog, Tenn/KY    
Kentucky Daylily Fans, KY    
Louisville Area Daylily Society, KY "LADS Letter" Susan Holt
Middle Tennessee Daylily Society "Tepals Times" David Wilbur
Tennessee Valley Daylily Society, Chattanooga    
Tri-Cities Daylily Society. TN    
A.H.S. REGION 11updated1/01/18
 (Kansas, Missouri, & Oklahoma)
John Eiseman
"The MoKanOk" Sue Calbreath
Bluestem Daylily Society, Kansas    
Central Missouri Hemerocallis Society "Lily Talk" Clarice Brown
Prairie Winds Daylily Society, Kansasnew10/25/17    
Rita Meng
"Florida Daylily News" Michelle Peterson
Bay Area Daylily Society, Florida    
Tallahassee Daylily Society, FL    
 (Arkansas & Louisiana)
Tim Fehr
Northeast Arkansas Daylily Society, AR    
Southeast Louisiana Daylily Society, LA    
 (Alabama & Mississippi)
Paul Aucoin
"The Dixie Daylily" Oliver Billingslea
Hattiesburg Area Daylily Society, MS    
Jackson Hemerocallis Society, MS    
Mississippi Gulf Coast Daylily Society, MS    
Montgomery Area Daylily Society, AL    
 (N.C. & S.C.)
Barry Duff
Catawba Valley Daylily Club, N.C.    
Central Daylily Club, N.C.    
Coastal N.C. Daylily Society, Barco, N.C.    
Foothills Daylily Society, N.C.    
Georgetown Area Daylily Club, S.C.    
Lowcountry Daylily Club, S.C.    
Mid Carolina Daylily Society, S.C.    
North Carolina Daylily Fans, N.C.    
Piedmont Daylily Club, Charlotte, N.C.    
Raleigh Hemerocallis Club, Raleigh, N.C.    
Sandhills Daylily Club, N.C.    
Upstate Daylily Society, S.C.    
Western North Carolina Daylily Club, N.C.    


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