Date: Dec. 13, 2021 Submitted by: Nora Reimer, Arkansas - Email: sigday@hotmail.com
Lawn Variety "Shade King": It's been fun doing our recent GOTW with you, and we are so glad you are pleased with it. It brought back memories of how the garden started out; after two failed attempts to seed a beautiful green lawn (a childhood dream of Ron's) he decided to cut 4" squares of zoysia sod and plant them separately in shallow drilled holes of about the same size. You will recognize the contours of the garden in these photos taken from March to May 2011, and you can see the progress. First the very small tufts taking hold, then later smaller plants coming in while the earlier ones grow pretty well, and finally when the whole area is on its way to being covered. By fall it was solid grass. (Website is: http://www.signaturedaylilies.com) arrow down



Date: Oct. 3, 2021 Submitted by: Ron Reimer, Arkansas - Email: sigday@hotmail.com
Seedling: Here is a 2021 garden photo featuring a seedling, 56-18, which we are preparing to introduce in a couple of years. It is a 6 inch cream bloom with a nice blu-ish purple pattern. It has great sun resistance and rust resistance. It is a dormant diploid, mid-season bloomer on sturdy 34 inch scapes. arrow down
Sdlg clump

Date: Oct.2, 2021 Submitted by: Don Church, Maine - Email: don@bluehillcountrygarden.com
Seedling: The odd one daylily I showed you last fall (on Page 4) has bloomed again in the GH. Now in four pots, I cut the scapes off the other three to have them grow. It is either both a double and or a polytepal long petal. Here is picture of "my odd one". Not much for a color but form is quite unique to my program. Fall is coming on strong here with lots of tree coloring, dahlias peaking with blooms. Susan is picking a hundred stems a day for bouquets. (Don's Website is: http://www.bluehillcountrygarden.com) arrow down

Date: Sept. 28, 2021 Submitted by: Kathy Krattli, Missouri - Email: kkrattli@charter.net
Daylily: HELICOPTER (Huben, 2013). Thought the robin members might like to see what Helicopter looks like since I mentioned it. Still blooming here, constantly sending up new bloom scapes. Helicopter has small delightful little 3.5" blooms. (Kathy's Site: http://www.naturesmelodynursery.com/kathy.html) arrow down

Date: Sept. 27, 2021 Submitted by: Vickie Goedde, Indiana - Email: vicgoedde73@gmail.com
Daylily: CHEW MAILPOUCH TOBACCO (Hanson-C., 2012). This picture was taken on September 25, 2021. It has been blooming since June 25th and is still bud-building. It did the same thing in 2020 and bloomed until October 6th when the cold weather finally got the last few buds. The barn red coloring has waned with the cooler weather, but this is by far the latest blooming daylily in my garden. arrow down
Chew Mailpouch Tobacco

Date: Sept. 13, 2021 Submitted by: Kathy Krattli, Missouri - Email: kkrattli@charter.net
Daylily: I have a late blooming mini seedling that just started blooming a couple of weeks ago. This was the cross that I was hoping to create more all-summer bloomers. If really lucky - mini double bloomers. And to think I almost dug the ones that didn't bloom to pitch back into the woods! It obviously won't be an all-summer bloomer but it is a beautiful double mini.
(Kathy's Website is: http://www.naturesmelodynursery.com/kathy.html) arrow down
Sdlg mini

Date: Sept. 12, 2021 Submitted by: Betsy Thompson, New York - Email: bthompso@nycap.rr.com
Fall Garden: A surprise in the garden. The flower in the foreground is an Amaryllis. Normally, it doesn't flower until a few months after I pot it up and bring it into the house - Christmastime! It has to be planted in the ground over the summer to grow its leaves. The tallest tree in back is beautiful Cercis canadensis 'Rising Sun' and Cercis 'Flame Thrower' (the one with the red leaves in front) is a new variety I just added this year. arrow down
Fall Garden

Date: August 25, 2021 Submitted by: Don Church, Maine - Email: don@bluehillcountrygarden.com
Daylily: LAST TO HIT THE BRICKS (Church 2018). Here is a picture from yesterday. Last To Hit the Bricks is still blooming. Many others are on their last buds/flowers. (Don's Website is: http://www.bluehillcountrygarden.com) arrow down
Last To Hit The Bricks

Date: August 25, 2021 Submitted by: Don Church, Maine - Email: don@bluehillcountrygarden.com
Late Seedlings: The end of the daylily season looms earlier this year than last. I have been taking pictures of seedlings that are still in bloom along with my late blooming intros. Here is a picture of a group of seedlings in one of the evaluation beds. Below it is the cooler lavender pink. I marked it with a flag. All three late seedlings will be divided to increase and be possible future introductions. arrow down


Date: Aug.16, 2021 Submitted by: MaryAnn Borcherding, Vancouver, Washington - Email: maryannborcherding11@gmail.com Garden: I have many favorites in my garden, but some are my enduring favorites. In my yellow bird bath bed are Now Go Hide, Owen, 2015 and Isabelle Rose, Laprise 2009. Also in that bed are Beautiful Edgings, Copenhaver 1989, and Karen's Curls, Reinke 1997. My burgundy/wine colors are Lovely Miss Laucius, Owen, 2007 and Jackie Canner, Rice 2012 and Lines Of Wisdom, Rice 2012. All of these bloom beautifully and open after chilly nights. After all of the discussion on Pop Poll favorites, this is what favorites are all about, knowing when you go out to the garden with your camera these are showoffs! arrow down
Bird Bath Bed
Bird Bath Bed
Now Go Hide
'NOW GO HIDE' (Owen-P, 2016)
Isabelle Rose
'ISABELLE ROSE' (Laprise, 2009) Now Go Hide and Isabelle Rose
Top L-R: 'LINES OF WISDOM' (Rice-JA, 2012)- 'LOVELY MISS LAUCIUS' (Owen-P, 2007)
Bottom: 'OLYMPIC GARGOLE' (Loveland-P, 2013) - 'OLYMPIC ARROWHEAD' (Loveland-P, 2007)

Date: August 11, 2021 Submitted by: Charlotte Chamitoff, Canada - Email: chacha@abacom.com
Daylily: Award winning Orchid Corsage (Saxton, 1975) is my favorite late daylily. Terrific performer with lots of buds left to open. A real eye-catcher with consistent multiple 7.5 inch blooms opening daily. Has been on popularity polls for years. Beside it is Heliopsis 'Loraine Sunshine' - a nice carefree clean bushy perennial with variegated leaves. Does not attract deer, Japanese beetles or red lily beetle. arrow down
Orchid Corsage


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