Date: June 15, 2021 Submitted by: Sandy Holmes, Ohio - Email: ohiodaylily@gmail.com
Daylily: Seedlings - The bloom began last week. I'm having lots of fun. Here are a few that have been interesting. All are tets. Many are 10 inches. (Sandy's Website is: http://www.daylily.ws) arrow down
Sdlg: T1691-690
Sdlg: T1546-683
(Top L-R) Sdlg: U380-500 & Sdlg: T1555-687 (Below L-R) Sdlg: U99-631 & Sdlg: U357-656

Date: June 12, 2021 Submitted by: François Verhaert, Spain - Email: fraver14@hotmail.com
Daylily: Daylily bloom is in full swing over here. Below is a picture of Tim Bell's SCHOOL BUS DREAMS. Simply gorgeous. Slowly the garden is becoming beautiful again. In September 2019 the area where I live was the centre of a deluge caused by the so called Gota Fría. Literally meaning "cold drop," gota fría is the name given in Spain to a weather phenomenon caused by a mass of polar air arriving on the Mediterranean coast, often causing storms, heavy rainfall and flash flooding. It was Spain's worst storm in 140 years causing torrential downpours. Where I live the flooding was up to 1.9 meters high. Lost hundreds of plants and the majority of the name tags were illegible. (François has authored Website Eurocallis in many languages for years at: http://www.eurocallis.com) arrow down
School Bus Dreams

Date: June 11, 2021 Submitted by: Paul Aucoin, Alabama - Email: pgaucoin@samford.edu
Daylily: Folks on the Robin might want to see the seedling that is blooming this morning in a pot. It's a seedling of Larry's 'The Ultimate Sacrifice' x Lee's 'Jaimie Pickles', crossed by pollen from an unnamed seedling that Tommy Maddox sent me a few years ago to use on my seedling. (TUSxJP) X Tommy's seedling. arrow down

Date: June 10, 2021 Submitted by: Perry Gaskins, South Carolina - Email: pcgaskins@homesc.com
Daylily: The first seedling is a 4 inch, the color is magenta with a washed eye. The second is a 4 and a half inch raspberry with a green throat, tan edges and the sepal are a light tan. arrow down
Seedling 1

Seedling 2

Date: May 25, 2021 Submitted by: Ginny Pearce, Michigan - Email: floragin@gmail.com
Daylily:I have a crazy year-old seedling that sent up an extremely early scape this spring. The first picture was taken April 18th as the daylilies were in the early stages of their spring growth. I had so many frosts and freezes punctuated with occasional hot weather, that I was unsure the scape would survive. I did cover that entire seedling bed with sheets three consecutive nights when the temps dipped to 25 and 26°F. The buds sustained some speckled freeze damage but continued to develop. Then yesterday, May 24th in my Grand Rapids, Michigan garden, it finally happened. It bloomed and it looked great for all the weather extremes it has been through this year. This scape is short but the seedling comes from a tall reblooming bright red seedling crossed with Supergirl which also reblooms for me so I expect a taller second scape in July during normal peak bloom time. What a fun and memorable way to start the bloom season in the north country! (Ginny Pearce's Website is: http://www.gardenpathperennials.com) arrow down
Early Foliage

Early Sdlg

Date: May 7, 2021 Submitted by: Don Church, Maine - Email: don@bluehillcountrygarden.com
Spring: GH is on zoom with all the sunshine we have had the last two months. Least snow ever in March, broke records for "no snow" in all of Maine's counties. Dahlias are huge and some are showing buds already. Susan is still taking cuttings each day of the more rare ones. Tomatoes and cukes have blooms on them and this Spring the magnolias are the best we have ever seen. Susan is in the process of updating the website. New intros will be up soon. (Don & Susan's Website is: http://www.bluehillcountrygarden.com) arrow down

Inner garden. Two Royal Star magnolia with a Saucer magnolia peeking in back.
Leonard Messel magnolia in main garden with pjm rhododendron in bloom at right.

Date: Feb. 27, 2021 Submitted by: Lynn Hopkins, New Jersey - Email: lynnphop@gmail.com
Garden: Lynn's Garden Of The Week - Encore Presentation (Feb. 27/21 on the Daylily Diary), displays her beautiful mixed perennial garden with some 300 daylilies. In 2017 Lynn added a new adventure as a cut flower farmer, selling bouquets to grocery stores, farmer's market and is also designing weddings. This photo shows a few Summer Bouquets 2020. arrow down
Summer Bouquets

Date: Jan. 14, 2021 Submitted by: Charlie Harper, Ohio - Email: charlesaharper@aol.com
Daylilies: My first college biology course introduced me to the microscope, revealing a hidden universe of small things. The beauty of close-up views of protozoa, plant parts, and other very tiny objects was thrilling. I felt like I was in a secret place that almost no one had ever seen before. Close-up photography of daylily blooms has become a current extension of this way of seeing things. I want to share a sampling of some of the blooms I had last summer. I hope you enjoy these new views. arrow down

HEAVENLY UNITED WE STAND (Gossard, 2009)Heavenly United We Stand
ANN AND RUSSELL BURGESS (Shooter, 2002)Ann And Russell Burgess
BARBARA WATTS (Kirchhoff-D, 2008)
Barbara Watts
Pinewood Strawberry Moon
Big Bang Theory
SULTRY GIRLS (Davisson-J, 2013)
Sultry Girls
FANCY FACE (Carpenter-J, 1994)
Fancy Face
SCULPTED RUBY (Marlatt-J, 2020)
Sculpted Ruby
Eternally Grateful
Donna Redick (Douglas-C, 2018)
Donna Redick
Dream Sequence (Rice-JA, 2007)
Dream Sequence


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