Date: Oct. 10, 2020 Submitted by: Megan Skinner, Pennsylvania. Email: skinnermeganron@rcn.com
Daylily: LABYRINTH OF LIGHT AND SHADOW (Megan Skinner, 2019) is our best Lights in the Shadows seedling introduction. The pod parent from pattern breeding, including Navy Jag and Grace Stamile's Baby Blues. With lavender-pink petals, 3.5" width, and 18" height, Labyrinth has a darker and more complex eye than LITS. Dormant diploid, BC 15 BR 3, midseason, reblooms. (Megan's website is: http://www.skinnerdaylilies.com) arrow down
Labyrinth Of Light And Shadow

Date: Oct. 10, 2020 Submitted by: Megan Skinner, PA - Email: skinnermeganron@rcn.com
Daylily: SMOKY WITCH (Megan Skinner, 2019) is a tall (39" in full sun, 49" in deep shade) smoky-mauve 6" dip with long burgundy chevron eyes and intense green throat. CMO to 56F, which is useful in EM here in Pennsylvania. Its pre-midseason start, BC 22 (BR4), and rebloom, keeps it going much of the season. This (Grey Witch X Smoke Scream) seedling won the Dan Tau seedling award at Region 3's 2019 meeting. arrow down
Smoky Witch

Date: Oct. 10, 2020 Submitted by: Megan Skinner, PA. - Email: skinnermeganron@rcn.com
Daylily: This is my favorite daylily photo from this season: L9, to be Earlybird Salmon Leaping, is an extra-early pink-salmon tet. It's grooved and has terrific substance, extended bloom, and excellent CMO. This photo was taken at 61F. H34, W5.5, BR 3, BC 25, dormant. arrow down


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