Date: May 19, 2024 Submitted by: Francois Verhaert, Spain - Email: francois.verhaert@gmail.com
Daylily: The daylily season started here 10 days ago. Below is a picture of 'FACEPAINT'. In my humble opinion this one still rivals favourably with many of the newest introductions. It flowers profusely, colours are very clean and the flowers all open totally flat. From what I hear from other people in Europe it performs equally well for them too. Congrats to Pat Stamile. (Francois Website is: http://www.eurocallis.com) arrow down

Date: May 7, 2024 Submitted by: Paul Aucoin, Alabama - Email: pgaucoin@samford.edu
Daylily: Tim's post reminded me that I had sent him hundreds of seeds after he lost his pods to a hail storm. Lots of the crosses were with SOF and others with Tet. Dragons Eye. Today we have FFO on Kissed by Magic, one of Soul of Fire's progeny. It is a parent to Michael Bouman's 'Honey do List'. The weather here has been nice, but a little hot (in the 80s in the afternoon). Tomorrow is supposed to be a very humid 90-something. Clear, dry weather for the weekend portends to be in the 70s. Here are a couple of photographs of 'Kissed by Magic' of FFO today, with one showing some of its many buds. Also, the description from the Daylily database.. 'Kissed by Magic' (Aucoin, 2005) - height 25 inches (64 cm), bloom 5 inches (13 cm), season E, Rebloom, Evergreen, Tetraploid, 17 buds, 2 branches, Persimmon with purple eye and purple gold edge above green to yellow throat. (('Way Over Yonder' × 'Capture the Magic') × 'Soul of Fire') arrow down


Date: May 6, 2024 Submitted by: Paul Aucoin, Alabama - Email: pgaucoin@samford.edu
Daylily: FFO on My H. 'Soul of Fire' registered in 2003 from a cross of 'Fooled Me' x 'Awesome Blossom' that was made a few years earlier. It was a parent of five other registered crosses. arrow down

Date: May 5, 2024 Submitted by: Pat Rasmussen, Nebraska - Email: marr45ad@gmail.com
Spring: Blooms yesterday, plus my new puppy Romeo. We got 7 inches of rain 10 days ago, and several inches since then. Everything looks green. Iris are budding but no blooms yet. arrow down


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