Date: August 8, 2022 Submitted by: Kathy Krattli, Missouri - Email: kkrattli@charter.net
Shades Of Red Plus: I just took a picture of the long-stemmed bouquet of daylilies that were last blooms on their scapes. I call it my "Shades of Red - Plus" bouquet. All the red ones are different cultlivars with PARADE OF PEACOCKS added for contrast. So sad to see more "last blooms" each morning. BUT, I have rebloom scapes on a few of my clumps and some bud-builder buds still to open. (Kathy's Website is: http://www.naturesmelodynursery.com/kathy.html) arrow down

Date: July 30, 2022 Submitted by: Barbara Pendegrass, Michigan - Email: rafinachihuahuas@gmail.com
Daylily Seedling: Thought I'd share a picture of one of my seedlings. It's Blue Venom (Shooter 2001) X Hakuna Matata (Schaben 2007). (Barb's non-daylily Website is: https://www.rafinachihuahuas.com)arrow down

Date: July 22, 2022 Submitted by: Perry Gaskins, South Carolina - Email: pcgaskins@homesc.com
Daylily: Snickums (P.C. Gaskins 2018) 29" x 6". A dark pink bitone. Dormant diploid.arrow down

Date: July 21, 2022 Submitted by: Charlotte Chamitoff, Quebec - Email: chacha@abacom.com
Early Blooms: As peak bloom approaches am having fun clicking some early blooms. Six favorites below photographed the past couple of days are: One Night Only (Culver 2020), Sun Panda (Culver 2009), Trahlyta (Childs 1982) a polymerous bloom, Pathway of Peace (Emmerich 2005), Adamas (Stamile 2002) and Our Friend Sally (Carpenter 2002). Each are beautiful and so very different. Many daylilies have not started to bloom yet but won't be long - buds galore. (Chacha's Website is: http://www.daylilydiary.com) arrow down
One Night Only

Sun Panda


Pathway of Peace


Our Friend Sally

Date: July 16, 2022 Submitted by: Kathy Krattli, Missouri - Email: kkrattli@charter.net
Daylily: DISCOVER THE STAR'S (Steve Williams, 2012) is saying, "Look at me!". ADRIENNE'S RAINBOW (Krattli, 2022), I think I've shown before. REBUTTAL EVIDENCE (Bret Clement, 2017) is darker than the picture shows and really makes a statement. And double PEACHY KATHELEEN (Krattli, 2021) is really looking peachy! (Kathy's Website is: http://www.naturesmelodynursery.com/kathy.html) arrow down
Discover The Stars

Adriennes Rainbow

Rebuttal Evidence

Peachy Katheleen

Date: July 4, 2022 Submitted by: Paul Aucoin, Alabama - Email: pgaucoin@samford.edu
Summer Fun: Here is a seedling out of my H. 'Kissed by Magic' and below is L. 'Cherry Splash' rewarding us with lush blooms and an intoxicating aroma. arrow down


Date: June 11, 2022 Submitted by: Don Church, Maine - Email: don@bluehillcountrygarden.com
Daylilies:A few of the potted daylily futures are blooming. But with cool temperatures, they're not opening well is the biggest draw back. One white seedling opens early morning and opens fairly well after 50DF nights. (White Summer x Michael Miller) five way branched with nice ruffles. Second future below is garden name Odder Creek blooming for first time this year. Beautiful Odd double bloom. Pale almost white with a starfish swimming look. Third photo below is 'Red Viper' (Gossard 2010) opened after cold nights half of the time. Todays bloom was open fully. (Don & Susan's Website: http://www.bluehillcountrygarden.com) arrow down

Future Odder Creek

Red Viper

Date: June 10, 2022 Submitted by: Vickie Goedde, Indiana - Email: vicgoedde73@gmail.com
Daylily:'Crocodile Rock' (Polston, 2015) is a wonderful example of why Tom Polston was called "The Dentist". The teeth are amazing and the color is so vibrant. Height 36 inches (91 cm), bloom 5.5 inches (14 cm), season M, Rebloom, Dormant, Tetraploid, 15 buds, 4 branches, Orange gold with golden sepals, a gold throat and toothy edge. (sdlg × sdlg). arrow down
Crocodile Rock

Date: June 1, 2022 Submitted by: Ginny Pearce, Michigan - Email: floragin@gmail.com
I'm so excited to have my first daylily open for 2022 here in Michigan. It first bloomed yesterday, on the last day of May. 'Silken Temptress' often has super early scapes which I suspect are leftover rebloom scapes from the previous fall. It's not all that freaky an occurrence either as some lined out divisions also have scapes ready to bloom now. To get this jump start almost a month before other early bloom is wonderful. The daylilies in general are looking absolutely lush and fabulous this year. (Ginny Pearce's website is: http://www.gardenpathperennials.com) arrow down
Silken Temptress

Date: April 28, 2022 Submitted by: Don Church, Maine - Email: don@bluehillcountrygarden.com
Two Wks later in the GH: These 2 pictures were taken on the 25th. We have hit the explosive growth stage in the greenhouse. I'm still dividing possible future daylilies but now have to put them outdoors after potting them up. They'll go back into the ground later with the nice mix of soil going in with them in the field. (Don & Susan's Website: http://www.bluehillcountrygarden.com) arrow down


Date: April 12, 2022 Submitted by: Don Church, Maine - Email: don@bluehillcountrygarden.com
Spring Greenhouse:These 4 pictures were taken on Saturday. Daylilies have really put on growth. Just finished weeding the 24 flats of the little dl babies tonight at close up time. GH is nearly full, 250 dahlias mostly finished filling useable bench space not counting small size single tubers in quart pots, and we are not done yet. Three more totes to go of the 15 totes of dahlia roots we put in the basement root storage room last November/December. We will find room in the unused front corners. Set 34 tomatoes in out of 49 spots, 12 cukes in so far out of the 20 spots allowed. Almost time for the first feed of swiss chard ,my favorite green. (Don & Susan's Website: http://www.bluehillcountrygarden.com) arrow down




Date: Feb. 1, 2022 Submitted by: David Kirchhoff, Kentucky - Email: hybridizer@aol.com
Daylily Species: Here's an old photo Sydney Edison passed to me of Arlow Stout (for whom the AHS Stout Medal is named, etc) and H. altissima. I believe that it is a species. (David's Website: https://www.daylilyworld.com) arrow down
Stout and Altissima

Date:Dec.24/21 Submitted by:Edvinas M., Lithuania - Email:edvinasmisiukevicius@gmail.com

Heartfelt Holiday greetings to all!
Warm and peaceful Christmas Eve.
Cozy and joyful Christmas. And peace
with yourself during the period
of time before New Year. So you
can start 2022 with a clear vision
of your new works, ideas, and how to make them become a reality.

(Edvinas Misiukevicius webpage:) https://www.viendienesplius.lt/en/arrow down
Holiday Greetings


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